Civil Rights

Mothers murder their own children.  Congressmen commit sexual improprieties.  Doctors commit malpractice.  Priests sexually abuse children.  Teachers have sexually inappropriate relations with their students. Even judges violate the public trust. These people hold some of the most important, most trusted positions in society yet they break the law or otherwise commit misconduct all too often.

When a police officer violates a citizen’s civil rights – whether by using too much force, making a false arrest or detention, illegally searching a citizen’s person, home, car or otherwise – a similar public trust is violated. Nonetheless, an argument rages in our country over whether law enforcement is as capable of misconduct as are the rest of us. Many members of our society simply cannot come to terms with the idea that law enforcement officers labor under the same pressures – mortgage payments, child support, job-related stressors, etc. – as do the rest of us and therefore are just as vulnerable to wrongdoing. A cop appears on the witness stand with a badge, a gun and a uniform and jurors instinctively need to trust her….and the culture of unchecked wrongdoing grows.

This problem is real. It is devastating to its victims, and if left alone it will be devastating to a society. If you have been a victim of a civil rights violation, you want a trial lawyer who understands the culture of law enforcement. The Haslam Law Firm has been cross-examining law enforcement officers, subpoenaing their records, and scrutinizing their work for fifteen years with real success. We know the culture of cops and we know how to find the evidence.