Juvenile Deprived

In both Oklahoma and Texas, county prosecutors are vested with authority to separate parents and their kids where there is reason to believe the parents have “deprived” the children of basic needs such as hygiene, food, shelter and mental, emotional and physical well-being. In Oklahoma, the Department of Human Services [OK DHS] does the original investigation and seizure of such children. In Texas it is Child Protective Services [TX CPS]. In both states, there have been serious problems with the integrity of these decisions. Significant litigation has challenged these agencies all over the country.

But when your children are seized and placed in foster homes, you don’t need statewide class action help: you need a trial lawyer willing to challenge the work of the people who have taken your most precious things. Don Haslam has an established record of beating these cases in both states. The law and procedures are unique and few lawyers focus in this area. But we do.