I was in jail not even 48 hrs and had been visited by Mr Haslam, and for this specific case I had already had 3 attorneys and none of them seemed to be able to help my case. But Mr. Haslam got my 2nd class felony dismissed. I didn’t even have to show up to court. And even when I was out of jail and after my court date he would check to see how I was doing. And give me legal advice. Best lawyer I’ve ever had.

Caleb Durrance

Don was one of the best lawyers I have ever hired. If you’re honest with him, he will solve your problem. He was all business, and didn’t try to overcharge me at all.

Mike Pierce

We met one day with money in hand, money which he refused to accept before meeting and interviewing our children. It wasn’t until he was completely satisfied that they were okay he then accepted the money and our case against Child Protective Services. We had only two days prior to the trial so he had to work abruptly. He was well-prepared when we arrived at court. He was able to prove not only where we innocent of what we were accused but that the CPS caseworker lied under under oath.

Following the trial my son had brain surgery, Don checked on him frequently, and expressed his concern often. He is very compassionate and much more than just an attorney that’s awesome at his job, but a caring loving human being who helped us keep our family together. He will stay in our hearts forever.

Christy Sullivan

To whom it may concern:


My name is Joe D. Winton. I have been incarcerated for 30 years and was just recently released and placed on parole. One of the requirements of that parole was to obtain a special drivers license for sex offenders. I obtained a drivers license, however due to various distractions, I failed to obtain the special license for sex offenders. I was promptly arrested and jailed for “failure to register” which is a 2nd degree felony for me and carried a 2 to 20 year sentence.


My family hired G. Donald Haslom, Attorney at Law to represent me and represent me he did!! I firmly believe that had Mr. Haslom not represented me at trial, I would not be sitting here at home at this time writing this. I believe that Lamar County would have sent me back to prison and was on a mission to do so.


I can’t emphasize enough what it meant to have Mr. Haslam sitting next to me in court, and to be honest, a most hostile environment. His presence was the most reassurance I’ve felt in years with him there. I felt that at least I had someone on my side with enough knowledge and experience to bring me through the storm that was raging around me. My confidence in Mr. Haslam as legal representation is emphatically 100% and if I am ever in another situation that needs his services, he will be at my side again. 


I was acquitted of any and all charges against me in a court of law. If you are in need of legal representation, I strongly urge you to consider G. Donald Haslom. He is most definitely your man.

Joe D. Winton

My now husband, John Guerrera & myself, think you are very talented in your profession & my case with Walmart, was an epic win & I’m sure ruffled a few feathers with the State, lol! I am sure it was talked about and probably still is for a long time to come 🙂 ….. Thanks again for everything you did for me!!! You are amazing sir!

Tammie Anthony

“I was looking at 8 months State jail and 2 months county.  You amazingly got these down, and I know nobody else would have tried that hard.  I owe the deal I got to you.”

Dee Ann Henry

“To Whom It May Concern…


About 12 years ago my wife and i were not living our lives as we should by the laws of society and god. I had several felony charges in my past from posecion of stolen vehicle with intent to distribute with posecion of fire arm in commission of a felony, is what i started with first then from there added several more over next 10 years and serving 3 years in prison during this period. So after being home and struggling to adapt back to society and my family i was still not making great choices but trying.


Any way, I’ve got several felonies been paying court cost and fines to court house everyone for 15 years been on probation or parole 12 years. My wife, my self and our children were staying in camper trailer on so called friends property 200 yrds from his house were he was manufacturing meth had firearms the whole deal.


one morning while we were all sleeping several police officers charged the camper all armed and pointing firearms at me my wife and children said they had warrent for my arrest and arrested me my wife and took my children to dhs. Spent 9 months in jail could not afford a lawyer so i was appointed one and we hired my wife a lawyer that was highly recommended knowing i without a doubt am facing 20 to life. And that is what district attorney asking for and to never have any parenting rights to my children ever again.


i forgot to tell you my court appointed lawyers name was DONALD HASLAM THE ONE AND ONLY. He was straight forward, direct, to the point and only wanted facts. Yes and no answers and no B.S. He was just damn mean and rude. But i knew the first 60 seconds he told me what he expected of me and explained to me i was to expect miracles from him because he did not care weather i paid him or the state of Oklahoma. He took his job very serious and he new the law.


Donald Haslam has been been a life long friend for almost 20 yrs. I refer to him as superman and always will. We consider him one of our family and love him dearly.He is a man of all men.


oh yea my friend got all charges dismissed on me and that so called top notch lawyer didn’t do one thing to help so Donald got all her charges dismissed. The police had bad warrent there never was one. ONLY DONALD HASLAM could go against them all and win, by the laws of society.


I currently own my own business. I have made over 100,000.00 yr past 8 yrs. I have two sons that just graduated from college. my oldest has 3 degrees his last degree was criminal justice and is currently working towards being accepted to train for employment for u.s Marshall.


my youngest son now working towards his masters degree to coach college. he turned his life over to god 3 yrs ago and has been ministering to athletes all over the country since being saved.


why i still don’t know but my wonderfully, beautiful wife has kept me around for 27 yrs now and i thank god for her everyday i get to see another day.


I owe all these blessings to Donald, im not deserving of my freedom. Im not deserving of all i have. Donald HASLAM said i was. im so very thankful someone believed in me. He’s mean. He’s to the point. And believe this above all he loves what he does. He knows the law. Its been about 15 yrs, but i can still here him in judges chambers like it was yesterday rasing his voice not excepting anything but dismiss their case. Because that’s the day I started living.”


As with all testimonials, I have reprinted Cooper’s letter verbatim here, as he originally wrote it. I feel his sincerity is so well-communicated in this form. – Don Haslam

Cooper Day

“Wow!! Don Haslam is an awesome attorney. Arrogant, conceited and proud. But, a Pit-Bull in court. Treated my mother with the utmost respect, but went after the State’s witnesses with extreme aggression. Well worth his fee!”

James A. Hall

“I’ll tell you now like I did in the court room, you literally saved my life and I appreciate everything. My Mom has worked as a secretary/receptionist in a law office and she told me that you did more for me as a court-appointed attorney than the high-priced guys she worked for did for their clients.”

Jack William White

“I just want to thank you so very much for what you did for my son Jerry Crabb. Until you have walked in my shoes you’ll never know how much what you have done means to me.”

Evelyn Enox

“Mr. Haslam, there are not enough words to say or express the gratitude and thanks, so I will keep it simple. Thank you. I only pray Lamar County [TX] seek out attorneys such as yourself to stand and fight for what is right. I have yet, until now, seen anyone buck the system. Such as you have.”

Stanley W. Maggard