Civil Litigation

The Haslam Law Firm handles civil litigation, personal injury claims in Texas and Oklahoma that can include everything from dog bites to trucking accidents. The Firm also handles Workers Compensation litigation, but only in Oklahoma – the law in Oklahoma is much more favorable.

For example, we represented an Oklahoma truck driver in 2010 who was injured when the company truck he was driving was hit by the truck of another company. Initially, the case was pursued as a strictly worker’s comp case because the client was injured on the job. We obtained workers’ comp benefits for his medical treatment, lost wages and permanent disability. But on further investigation, we learned the company that owned the truck that injured our client was carrying a $1,000,000 liability policy. After lengthy pretrial litigation, the insurance carrier for the at-fault company settled my client’s personal injury claim for the $1,000,000 policy limit – and that’s in addition to the workers’ comp benefits!

In a civil trial in Texas in June 2015, Haslam represented a North Dakota bankruptcy trustee to recover damages to farmhouses left by a tenant. The defendant fought tooth and nail to deny responsibility for the damages to the property but Haslam recovered money for the actual damages, attorney fees, pre- and post-judgment interest and appellate attorney fees in the event the defendant appealed the decision.

If you are injured on the job in Oklahoma, or if you are otherwise injured in either Texas or Oklahoma, we can help you recover the damages the law entitles you to. If you have other civil litigation matters in either state, we can help you recover. If a trial is required, we know our way around the courtroom.