Civil Rights Action Against Jail Officials [Red River County, TX]


Mr. Cabler was jailed by Red River County [TX] officials who knew he had a history of mental health issues and, importantly, a history of suicide attempts in their jail.  During this pretrial detention, Mr. Cabler told jail staff in writing he would hang himself.  And then, he did it.  He hung himself with his own bedsheet in his jail cell – a jail cell in which he was housed alone with a camera installed where he was monitored 24/7.

Haslam recovered the video from Mr. Cabler’s jail cell depicting his methodical 20 minute preparation to do so.  Yet, the jail monitor failed to intervene.

As if these failures weren’t bad enough, our work also revealed jail staff’s indifference continued even after the loss of Mr. Cabler.  Their annual investigative report by state jail standards revealed even more violations during and after their custody of Mr. Cabler.

Red River County settled for $825,000