A dedicated criminal defense attorney who will fight for you every step of the way.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Make no mistake, if you are charged with a serious crime you need someone who will fight for you. Whether you did it or not, you have an enormous arsenal of rights that you can bring to bear when some lawyer employed by a district attorney’s office or a U.S. Attorney’s office claims you committed a crime.

White Collar Crime

Defending a white-collar crime to a jury is a difficult proposition: your “peers” in the jury box will consist of at least a few who have never worked in a corporation, have never dealt with large sums of money, and are uninformed about the technical aspects of the allegations. They will resent a well-heeled, well-educated defendant who is even accused of wrong-doing.

Civil Rights

People in positions of great trust violate that trust daily. Mothers murder their own children. Congressmen commit sexual improprieties. Doctors commit malpractice. Priests sexually abuse children. Teachers have sexually inappropriate relations with their students. Law enforcement officers are no different – and The Haslam Law Firm can make them accountable to their victims.

Civil Litigation

The Haslam Law Firm handles personal injury claims in Texas and Oklahoma that can include everything from dog bites to trucking accidents.

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Not guiltyBrowse our library of unofficial descriptions of criminal defense cases, civil rights, and civil law issues as well as links to official online sheets for many cases in both Texas and Oklahoma. In some cases, we have also linked to newspaper stories and other relevant information to give you a more complete understanding.


  • To whom it may concern:   My name is Joe D. Winton. I have been incarcerated for 30 years and was just recently released and placed on parole. One of the requirements of that parole was to obtain a special drivers license for sex offenders. I obtained a drivers license, however due to various distractions, I failed to obtain the special license for sex offenders. I was promptly arrested and jailed for “failure to register” which is a 2nd degree felony for me and carried a 2 to 20 year sent…
    Joe D. Winton