Worker’s Comp Fraud [Tulsa]

Suspended Sentence

Criminal Charge: Workers Compensation Fraud
Case: State v. Shawn Pye
Court: CF-05-2752, Tulsa County
Result: Suspended Sentence

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Some cases that don’t look like victories are in fact acceptable results.

Mr. Pye was charged with worker’s compensation fraud after 2 prior felony convictions. The State alleged he misrepresented the injuries he suffered on the job, took monetary benefits from the State but was seen assisting a race car collision victim from a car at an Oklahoma motor speedway.

State law prohibits suspended sentences when a defendant already has at least 2 prior felony convictions. Mr. Pye was looking at going to the penitentiary for up to 5 years on the fraud case.

Haslam negotiated a plea bargain involving restitution and no time in the penitentiary.