Texas CPS Wrongly Accuses Parents of Depriving Children [Lamar County, OK]

Case Dismissed

Civil Litigation: Texas CPS Wrongly Accuses Parents of Depriving Children, Caseworker Lies Under Oath
Case: ITIO 3 anonymous children [Cause number sealed][Lamar County]
Result: Case Dismissed at First Hearing

Summary: The Texas Department of Childrens’ Protective Services [TX CPS] claimed the parents of these three children neglected them by exposing them to controlled substances.  The caseworker, Tiffany Massey, testified under oath that the school principal of one child had told her he had “concerns” the mother was abusing prescriptions drugs.  Her only other evidence in support of her claim was hearsay testimony CPS somehow could not produce from the witness stand.

The judge dismissed the case at the first hearing days after Haslam entered his appearance for the parents, but Haslam had already interviewed the school principal and – knowing he had denied ever making such a claim to Ms. Massey – collected an affidavit from him to this effect.  Coupled with the transcript of Ms. Massey’s testimony, her aggravated perjury should have been an easy conviction for Lamar County District Attorney Gary Young yet it was never even charged.  Ms. Massey remained employed by TX CPS in Lamar County despite her testimony.