“I was looking at 8 months State jail and 2 months county.  You amazingly got these down, and I know nobody else would have tried that hard.  I owe the deal I got to you.”

Dee Ann Henry

“Wow!! Don Haslam is an awesome attorney. Arrogant, conceited and proud. But, a Pit-Bull in court. Treated my mother with the utmost respect, but went after the State’s witnesses with extreme aggression. Well worth his fee!”

James A. Hall

“I’ll tell you now like I did in the court room, you literally saved my life and I appreciate everything. My Mom has worked as a secretary/receptionist in a law office and she told me that you did more for me as a court-appointed attorney than the high-priced guys she worked for did for their clients.”

Jack William White

“I just want to thank you so very much for what you did for my son Jerry Crabb. Until you have walked in my shoes you’ll never know how much what you have done means to me.”

Evelyn Enox

“Mr. Haslam, there are not enough words to say or express the gratitude and thanks, so I will keep it simple. Thank you. I only pray Lamar County [TX] seek out attorneys such as yourself to stand and fight for what is right. I have yet, until now, seen anyone buck the system. Such as you have.”

Stanley W. Maggard