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Worker’s Comp and Personal Injury Claims by Truck Driver [Pittsburg County, OK]

Case: In re Harold Chamberlin
Court: [Pittsburg County][CJ-10-191]
Result: $535,000 Settlement in PI Claim Plus Worker’s Compensation Damages


Mr. Chamberlin was seriously injured while driving his employer’s truck on the job. He was not at fault. A truck owned by another trucking company hit him.

We initially sued on his behalf to collect a workers’ compensation claim against his own employer and succeeded in getting him medical treatment and compensation for a permanent disability.

In the process of pursuing his workers’ comp relief, we learned the at-fault trucking company was carrying an insurance policy for such accidents. We sued that company to collect a personal injury judgment against it, as well. Days before trial, the trucking company settled for “policy limits”. The company paid Harold a $535,000 settlement as compensation for its negligence that caused his substantial injury.