Case: ex parte G.J.M., a Child [Cause 83618] [Lamar, TX]
Result: Settlement


Haslam represented the young father in this case whose young son was stolen by his mother and removed to Washington State. Contrary to an existing court order instructing the parents on custody and visitation, the mother simply took the boy when the dad refused to agree to her move. She didn’t seek the Court’s agreement.

Haslam urged a writ of habeus corpus and motion to enforce possession and access to the child and worked with local WA authorities to locate and prepare to seize the child for his return. The mother promptly agreed to turn the boy over to dad and he flew to get him. The boy has remained in dad’s custody since.

Stealing a child – even by a parent – is often at least one and likely two distinct felonies in Texas. Kidnapping and interference with child custody are separate offenses are not precluded by double jeopardy jurisprudence.