ITIO of “S” Children [Lamar County, TX]

Case Dismissed

TX DHS [Lamar County] claimed this mother medically neglected and neglectfully supervised her young son. He had a significant congenital brain malady and the caseworker decided that she had a drug problem and wasn’t adequately caring for him.

With only several days’ notice before the hearing on the merits of this claim, Haslam rounded up affidavits from the caseworkers’ “witnesses”, including the boy’s school principal and guidance counselor who the caseworker claimed told her that mother had a drug problem. Indeed, Haslam showed these two witnesses the caseworker’s earlier testimony about what they told her that formed her basis for the claims of neglect.

The principal minced no words. His declaration under penalty of perjury testified that the caseworker lied under oath in her earlier testimony and that, in fact, he was present when she interviewed the counselor and that neither of them even intimated mother had a drug problem.

The judge also wasted little time. He promptly dismissed the case. The family had the young son in brain surgery literally days after this hearing and he is now healthy and strong – and his family is together.