Felony Possession of Drugs [Washington County, OK]

Case Dismissed

Criminal Charge: Felony possession of drugs
Case: State v. Laramie King
Court: [CF-07-79] [Washington County]
Result: Case Dismissed

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Because this case was dismissed by the State on Haslam’s motion, the docket sheet link above reveals no search result.


Mr. King was arrested in his Vo-Tech school classroom when a drug dog handler alleged he had drugs in his pants pocket.

Knowing that he could have only had his father’s pain medication in his pocket by mistake, Mr. King rejected the State’s offer of Drug Court and committed himself to defending the charge. Haslam presented evidence to the prosecutor supporting the claim of Laramie and his family that the medication was left out for him in the same place he was to pick up his own allergy meds before school one morning.

The prosecutor independently evaluated the evidence and dismissed the case before preliminary hearing.