Domestic A&B [Choctaw County, OK]

Case Dismissed

Criminal Charge: Domestic Assault & Battery
Case: State v. Jonathan Bradley [CM-17-274][Choctaw]
Result: Dismissal

Oklahoma State Courts Network

Summary: Mr. Bradley was charged with domestic assault and battery.  On reviewing the police reports, Haslam filed a motion for the production of a statement allegedly taken from the complainant and scene photos taken by a responding officer. Oddly, neither the statement nor the photos were included in the materials the Choctaw County DA originally produced to him.

Haslam filed a motion to compel the missing evidence and the Court granted this motion. Still, the prosecutor failed to turn it over. Reluctant to grant Haslam’s motion to dismiss the case, the Court convened an evidentiary hearing to hear from the prosecutor and the cops. After hearing Haslam’s examination of the police officer and his argument for dismissal, the Court granted the motion to dismiss the charges</strong against Mr. Bradley.