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Case Dismissed

Assault Causes Bodily Injury [Van Zandt County, TX]

Divorce gets ugly.

Haslam successfully defended a young firefighter against false claims of domestic violence – including a court order awarding him $17,000 in attorney’s fees – leveled by his spouse the same day she filed for divorce. You’d think this would’ve shut down the woman scorned act.  But no….

After the dismissal of these false claims, the ex-spouse of the young firefighter’s new fiancé – represented by the same lawyer who represented the losing wife – determined to have another go at him. His new fiancé’s ex-spouse alleged the young dad assaulted him one afternoon when he went to pick up his own children. He filed charges with local law enforcement. And he asked for a civil protective order against the young dad.

Haslam cross-examined the ex-spouse under oath and the protective was summarily denied.  Moving on to the ex-spouse’s allegation of criminal assault causing bodily injury, Haslam persuaded the Van Zandt County District Attorney to hold off on accepting the case until he could prepare a binder of materials challenging the ex-spouse’s credibility. In particular, Haslam included text messages, e-mails, and the transcript of the civil protective order hearing in which he cross-examined the ex-spouse and caught him in multiple inconsistent statements. After reviewing the binder, the prosecutor declined to even bring charges.

Case Dismissed

Drug Possession [Dallas]

Ms. Sorto was arrested in December 2018 at her home after an alleged domestic squabble, a charge that was quickly dismissed. However, arresting Dallas Police Officers claimed they found meth on her when she was booked into the Dallas County jail. Curiously, the female officer who had searched her person at the scene of the arrest found no drugs on her.

Haslam quickly filed motions to suppress her alleged confession and the lab analysis of the allegedly recovered drugs. Both the State and the trial court turned a blind eye to Haslam’s motions. Quietly, all along the way, he filed demands for a speedy trial. Eventually, in the Spring of 2021, Haslam stepped up his demands for evidence and hearings on his motions. In June 2021, he moved to dismiss this felony because Keila’s right to a speedy trial had been denied. When the trial court also ignored this motion, Haslam moved the case to another court.

Once before the new trial court, Haslam stepped up the pressure with new motions. At the July 27, 2021, and August 9, 2021, evidentiary hearings, Haslam persuaded the trial court to dismiss Keila’s felony drug charge with prejudice, which means the State can never refile it. And…. all her court costs were waived.

Case Dismissed

Felon in Possession of Firearm & Drug Delivery [Lamar County, TX]

Mr. Barry was the subject of a videotaped hand-to-hand drug buy conducted by a snitch. When the arrest warrant was executed at his girlfriend’s home weeks later, the police claimed they found a gun in the home – since he had a felony conviction, this was another felony. He was charged May 13, 2021, in separate indictments for manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance and felon in possession of a firearm.

After reviewing the offense reports and the video, Haslam filed discovery requests for the police policy on bodyworn camera during the execution of search warrants and the complete file on the snitch involved.

Within a week of the filing of these motions, the Lamar County District Attorney dismissed both the weapon and drug charges.