Assault Causing Bodily Injury [Lamar County, TX]

Not guilty

Criminal Charge: Assault Causing Bodily Injury
Case: State of Texas v. Bradley K. Gray
County: [Lamar][61164]
Result: Not Guilty


Mr. Gray was charged with Class A misdemeanor assault by a woman who alleged she scraped the back of her hand when he pushed a screen door while she was holding its handle. Beyond the ridiculous charging decision even were it true, Haslam exposed her lie during his cross-examination of the “victim” at jury trial.

This was also yet another case in which the Lamar County District Attorney violated its obligation to timely disclose material evidence. Here, the trial judge sent the seated jury home for four hours and ordered the prosecutor to produce a video of witness interviews to Haslam in 30 minutes. The video revealed a child eyewitness expressly denying that Mr. Gray assaulted the “victim”. The trial judge sanctioned the prosecutor for still another discovery violation in this case by denying the State the ability to put a witness on the stand.

The jury returned its Not Guilty verdict in 11 minutes.