OK DHS Takes Both Kids [Rogers County, OK]

Case Dismissed

Criminal Charge:
Case: ITIO E.C. and L.C., Alleged Deprived Children
Court: [JD-22-39][Rogers County, OK]
Case Dismissed

What you are about to read is the kind of abuse that plagues families in the juvenile court system.  We cannot publish the evidence of this abuse because the courts, OK DHS and prosecutors exploit the “confidentiality” of juvenile proceedings. 10A O.S. 1-6-107.

Two kids were seized from their parents when the 6 yo boy’s Anglo teachers called OK DHS claiming he said his dad hit him in the eye. The bilingual boy had serious speech issues, scoring in the 1%-6% in communications skills while in therapy. While examining his phantom black eye, these women decided to strip him and spread this child’s cheeks. And photograph it.  Meanwhile, mom immediately complied with DHS’ demand she come to the school with her infant daughter – where OK DHS unceremoniously claimed her birthmarks were signs of abuse and took her, too. Then they filed a petition to adjudicate the kids “deprived”. Typical DHS.

The parents called Haslam seven months into the case desperate for an aggressive defense. Haslam immediately rounded up years of medical records showing the boy had a congenital tear duct obstruction that caused seasonal eye blowups. He also exposed a serious material falsehood in the OK DHS investigator’s report.  Then he got a court order returning the kids to the parents because the State – despite all its claims about abuse and neglect – failed to try the case within the obligatory 180 days. 10A O.S. 1-4-601[B][2].

Nonetheless, the State still planned to try the case and take the kids back.  After running headlong into several troubling pretrial decisions by the judge with only four months in a black robe, Haslam filed his motion to disqualify the judge for conducting unlawful ex parte communications with opposing counsel and other violations of the Oklahoma Code of Judicial Conduct.  Hours later, the judge signed an order granting the State’s motion to dismiss the entire case.