Not guilty

Criminal Charge: Indecency with a Child by Contact
Case: State v. Evaristo Torres [F13-24064] [Dallas County]
Result: Not Guilty Verdict

Summary: Haslam and Dallas lawyer Frank Jackson tried this felony to a jury in the summer of 2016.  Mr. Torres was charged with illegally touching a granddaughter twice during family gatherings.  The jury acquitted him after a three day trial, a classic case of a child seeking attention during her parents’ divorce.

In this case, the teenage granddaughter actually admitted to a Dallas County District Attorney prosecutor two weeks before trial that she was “uncertain” her allegations had occurred.  While the prosecutor informed the defense of the admission, she didn’t inform the so-called expert who testified for the prosecution that the granddaughter exhibited many behaviors consistent with a sexual assault victim.  On cross examination, this “expert”, a woman with a college degree who represent herself as an expert in the field, admitted the child should have been interviewed by her organization, the Dallas County Child Advocacy Center, after the admission because this kind of recantation is not consistent with actual sexual assault.

The jury acquitted Mr. Torres in a little over an hour of deliberation, and this good man has returned to his many, many children and grandchildren an innocent man.